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The Ultimate Bundle & package for your skin. All acne-safe & formulated for all skin types.


My Injector's Secret Serum:

A powerhouse hydrating, ani-aging serum that actively targets all of your skin's needs. It helps diminish fine lines, provides a plumpness & glow to the skin while helping restore the barrier with ceramides and peptides for a renewed complexion. In just a few uses you will notice happier, better looking skin. It can also help with oil production, pore size, redness, and elasticity. 

The Acne Serum:

An all-in-one Acne Serum with Micronized Benzoyl Peroxide 5% % Glycolic Acid 5% to fight against acne & provide gentle exfoliation. This formula kills acne causing bacteria & addresses excess oil.

Quickly dries breakouts, prevents new breakouts from occurring with it's antibacterial qualities 

Serum Skin Tint + SPF 44:

An acne-safe 100% mineral sunscreen that provides UV protection, hydration, and blends effortlessly with all skin tones for a stunning, gorgeous glow. It is safe for sensitive skin & water-resistant and contains iron oxides which help against protection from blue light. 


Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Ashley Howard
Couldn’t be more satisfied

Love all these products! The skin tint is so so good! As someone who usually doesn’t give themselves alot of time in the morning to do makeup, this product gives my skin a little glow and does not try me out as a lot of products do! Also they look so cute on my sink! I shall don’t like products sitting on my sink but the packaging on them is A+! Will definitely repurchase as now I’m terrified of running out!


All three items irritated my skin, I do not think this is worth the money.


Love this bundle! First time trying FAWN. I am obsessed with the plumping serum already! Great stuff <3

I can’t wait to try!! Butttt

I’m so excited to try this product. It seems like exactly what I am looking for. Especially the bundle. But, I’m not sure when to use each product and in what order. I wish there was a recommended usage method.

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